Year of the Versus: Daredevil vs. Punisher Takes the Lead

This is the Year of the Versus. First we have Batman v Superman. Then there’s Captain America v Ironman (in Civil War). But what I’m most excited about this year is Daredevil v The Punisher. I’ve obsessed over The Punisher since I was 12 years old. He was my first Fictional Crush from the Marvel Universe. Yeah judge me all you want, but Antiheroes appeal to my inner vigilante. 😀

The Year of the Versus

Before the airing of Season 1, I was very skeptical about this new Marvel show, because Agents of Shield was a plain old disappointment for me. And from the DC Comics side, Arrow lost all its charm. It became dull, monotonous, and I’ve stopped watching it. As for The Flash, it’s a decent show and it might appeal to a vast audience but it’s just not my cup of tea.

I was waiting for something dark and gritty, the side of these superheroes we never get to see on the big and/or small screen; and the Daredevil filled that gap brilliantly well. Daredevil is a highly potential candidate to be among the Best TV Shows of all time. But that is only if it maintains that level of quality (or surpasses it) in the upcoming seasons. And the following trailer shows that my hope for Season 2 isn’t misplaced. If this promo doesn’t convince you to binge watch Daredevil, then I don’t know what will.

Doesn’t the “… you’re one bad day away from being me.” line give you the chills?

Jon Bernthal became one of my most beloved actors after his complex role in The Walking Dead. He brought such intensity to that role I just knew that the future held great things for him, and when I heard that he will be playing the Punisher in Season 2 (and is now getting his own series in a spin-off), I thought to myself “The producers couldn’t have made a better choice.” He has handled a complicated and grey-shaded character really well in the past, and I believe he’s going to prove his worth all over again in Daredevil Season 2.

But hey I’m also rooting for Matt Murdock. He’s my sweetheart too. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and be excited for one helluva season!

Come on 18th March! You can’t come soon enough!


Game of Thrones Season 5: Soooo yeah, THAT happened!

I have a tiny innocent little question for Mr. George R. R. Martin. Sir, can you please explain to me that how do you plan on continuing this “Game” of Thrones when there are no players left to play it? I mean, it kinda doesn’t make any sense, does it?

We get it, this isn’t a fairy tale where we’re gonna get a happy ending, and the reason your franchise is so popular is because it depicts the actual reality of this world: good people always suffer. But come on, dude, I think we have enough reality to deal with in our own lives and we need some relief from it when we invest our precious time in your made up stories. Can’t you think of something pleasing for a change? I am literally not shocked anymore. You have become SO predictable. You know, Red Wedding broke me. Something died inside of me after that “incident”, so pretty much every death I’ve seen on this show since the Red Wedding has had NO SHOCK VALUE for me. None. Nada. I now know this for a fact that everything that CAN go wrong WILL go wrong in this messed up world you’ve created for your fans.

Before, my reactions used to be like this:

Catelyn Stark Crying (1)

Now they have turned into this:

Joffrey is Not Amused

Yes, George, you have turned me into an indifferent emotionless little prick like Joffrey.

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Top 5 Reasons to Binge-Watch “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” RIGHT NOW

I’m emphasizing on the word ‘binge’ because there is no other way you can savor this phenomenal new show. It is actually impossible to divert your eyes from the delight that ‘Unbreakable’ is. Created by the ’30 Rock’ power-team Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, this show debuted on Netflix – all 13 hysterical episodes of it – and the world wasn’t such a bad place anymore. I’m serious, because of Kimmy the world has started to seem a little better, brighter and more delightful to me.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Poster

When I heard about its premise I thought it’s out of something dark and gritty like “True Detective”, but surprisingly it takes that dark story and turns it into a never-ending joy-ride for us viewers. Continue reading

Life Lessons Learned from Parks and Recreation’s Perfect Series Finale

I had imagined that when the series finale ends I will be an emotional wreck and will lock myself in my room for a week and keep on crying; crying for the loss of my on-screen family and my mentor/spirit animal Leslie Knope. Yes I cried. Very loudly and for quite a long while. But not because I lost my life’s best sitcom, but because the finale left on such high notes, teaching me and the rest of its fans some crucially important lessons about love, friendship, family, and work. Lessons about LIFE! This one will surely go down in history as one of the most perfect and “punishingly intricate” finales of all time. :’)

Parks and Recreation Family

So without further ado, here are the lessons that I learned from the perfection that this series finale was.  Continue reading

Better Call Saul: “Investigate, Advocate, Persuade and most importantly WIN!”

Better Call Saul Poster

The moment I started watching the season premiere, I had a ridiculously huge smile on my face, a kind of smile that comes on your lips when you see an old friend again. I just wanted to get up, hug the television and give a big smooch to the TV screen! Breaking Bad and their whole team will always and forever hold a deeply special place in my heart, and even if they make a humongous dumpy disaster with anything they make (which is IMPOSSIBLE) I will still adore it!

But thank goodness Better Call Saul is amazingsauce!! That same signature style of Vince and his creative team, the cinematics, background score, the acting, the subtle humor, the underlying themes of imminent danger ahead, everything reeks of perfection yet again.

Yes of course I miss Walter and Jesse, but Saul (or Jimmy) does a tremendous job in pulling the attention towards his storyline instead of making us desperately miss the magnum-opus of Vince Gilligan. Continue reading

“True Detective”… Life-Affirming and Hopeful ending to a Dark and Terrifying Show

I finished True Detective’s season finale ‘Form and Void’ just an hour ago, and since then I’m just lying on my Couch, pondering on one particular thought: “Did I just experience a TV show which is as good as Breaking Bad?” And my answer to that question is yes.

True Detective, from start to finish, has given us the finest hours of television in the past 8 weeks of its running. From the jaw-dropping acting, mind-boggling script, flawless direction, immaculate cinematography, beautiful locations to the harrowing set designs; everything was nothing short of perfect.

True Detective Poster

—This article is filled with spoilers, so if you haven’t seen this show yet, please refrain from reading onward—

I don’t know why but for some reason I am glad that this show has an anthology format. This way us fans get complete closure within a couple of episodes and get to move on to another newer story-line the next season. The perfect example of dragging on a redundant story-line season-after-season can be seen in The Walking Dead. Goddammit what happened to that show? Anyway, let’s not talk about disappointing things yet. As I said in the title, True Detective had the most life-affirming, beautiful and hopeful end that we could ever expect from such a dark and harrowing show. Continue reading