StayFocusd: An Effective App for Fighting Procrastination

Procrastination is known as the phenomenon where you forgo your responsibilities and delay your work in order to pursue pointless activities, such as:

  • Opening shitty entertainment websites where you read mind-numbing articles on celebrities who have nothing to do with your existence.
  • Taking online quizzes that tell you what kind of a person you are (like you don’t know already) and/or which Hemsworth brother you’ll get married to in your next life.
  • Scrolling through the Facebook News Feed and seeing your friends post unnecessary details of their private life, watching them bask in the glory of their “marital bliss” and then cringing at the baby pictures of their not-so-cute children (but still saying the obligatory “AAWWW” because you don’t wanna seem like an a-hole); all of which eventually makes you feel like punching someone in the schwantz.
  • Going on YouTube and seeing someone else play games for a living while you sit in front of a screen, eating ice-cream and falling deeper and deeper into the abyss of the interwebs until one day you feel dead inside.
Credit: Someecards

If YOU are a victim of procrastination then look no further, because I come bearing the cure. *aaaaaaa* (the sound of a shiny bright light coming down from the Heavens)

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Time to Get Serious

Sometimes I just hate my country’s Internet Service Providers. Right now, I’ve been trying to open WordPress for the past … *checking time* … 1 hour and 15 minutes and after several unsuccessful tries at ZenMate and TunnelBear, I’ve installed HotSpot Shield which has allowed me to open the ‘Create New Post’ page. I’ve been unable to open my own blog, reply to any comments or open any other blogs for the past two days now. Thanks a lot PTCL Broadband.

Very Disappointed

Oh you said it Gary Oldman!

Anyway, I came here to rant a little bit.

I just realized I don’t usually rant here. Hmm. I should work on that.

So about the title. I have been very non-serious about my studies this semester, and now after precisely 5 days I have my final examinations and I have no idea whatsoever about the syllabus! I’m usually a nerd but I don’t know why I’m now just tired of studying. It’s probably because I’m in the 18th year of my academics, so any sane person would be losing his/her mind by now. How can people manage to do double PhDs is beyond me! But everything ain’t so bad! Guess what, once I’m finished with these exams I will have 3 long months vacationsss! The final vacations of my life!

In the previous vacays I did an internship at HBL. It was a good learning experience but this time I have huge plans for these three months! Each day will be focused on productivity, learning new things and polishing myself before I’m out into the real world. I have made a huge week-wise timetable for myself, and I am fully determined to stay true to it. And also I have stockpiled 10 TV shows (each with 5+ seasons), 100+ movies and 20 books that I have promised myself I will finish in this break. Ooo this is gonna be funnnn!

After these holidays I have one last semester in which I shall complete my thesis, and then ladies and gentlemen I’ll be officially declared a Masters degree holder and will finally enter the job market! Yay for me!

For now, it’s time to focus on the exams! Let’s get this over with and then the fun times shall begin.

Let's Get Down to Business

See you guys in July! ❤ I hope till then these internet problems will be fixed as well.