StayFocusd: An Effective App for Fighting Procrastination

Procrastination is known as the phenomenon where you forgo your responsibilities and delay your work in order to pursue pointless activities, such as:

  • Opening shitty entertainment websites where you read mind-numbing articles on celebrities who have nothing to do with your existence.
  • Taking online quizzes that tell you what kind of a person you are (like you don’t know already) and/or which Hemsworth brother you’ll get married to in your next life.
  • Scrolling through the Facebook News Feed and seeing your friends post unnecessary details of their private life, watching them bask in the glory of their “marital bliss” and then cringing at the baby pictures of their not-so-cute children (but still saying the obligatory “AAWWW” because you don’t wanna seem like an a-hole); all of which eventually makes you feel like punching someone in the schwantz.
  • Going on YouTube and seeing someone else play games for a living while you sit in front of a screen, eating ice-cream and falling deeper and deeper into the abyss of the interwebs until one day you feel dead inside.
Credit: Someecards

If YOU are a victim of procrastination then look no further, because I come bearing the cure. *aaaaaaa* (the sound of a shiny bright light coming down from the Heavens)

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The beginning of this year hasn’t been too “peachy” for me. I am literally (yes, li-te-ral-ly) punching these words on my keyboard right now. Yeah, GREAT CONTRAST WITH MY PREVIOUS POST!!

Hooooo, deep breaths Abeeha.

Breathe in, breathe out.



Screams Internally

Here goes…

First of all let me say I love my country – I can happily give my life for it – but I do hate ONE thing. We have really shitty internet.

So the internet services of Pakistan rely on two big ass submarine fiber optic cables; one is the SeaMeWe and the other is IMeWe.

(who came up with those names by the way?)

Nowadays, we Pakistanis are YET AGAIN facing severe outages in our bandwidth due to the GOD FORSAKEN IMeWe cable. Read more about it from this link here. And of course my life is a living hell right now because my ISP is PTCL, the one provider that is most reliant on the IMeWe.

Because of this:

  1. I can’t browse WordPress easily. To open a fellow followers blog I have to retry 50 times. YES, FIFTY FUDGING TIMES to open ONE blog! And even then the pages open up in simple HTML (i.e. in a shitty ass non-graphical format)
  2. If I post a comment on any post I have to submit it in 10 retries MINIMUM.
  3. I am unable to make important Skype calls. And if I mistakenly DO get connected to a call it drops in under 5 minutes.
  4. I am unable to receive or send messages on Whatsapp. *facepalm*
  5. I can’t view any posts or pictures on Facebook.

Oo, but I CAN Google things. That’s the one site working smoothly 😀 So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

Let’s do one quicky Google Search…

Pakistan Internet


To the people who do the so-called “Maintenance” of these cables, next time don’t fix the damage by sticking a f@#%ing chewed bubble gum around the f@#%ing wire. Having two major outages in the span of a year is PATHETIC.

And to my WP Family, I’m sorry if I’m unable to visit your blogs for the next few days. I have been dying to read all your New Years posts, but opening just one blog takes an average of 30 minutes. Therefore I apologize for my absence. Well, I’m not really absent, I’m just sitting here BANGING my head on the keyboard.

The Most Amazing App on the Google Play Store

Yesterday my brother came to me and said, “You’ve got that Android System WebView app on your phone, right? The one that asks for a lot of updates?” I said, “Yeah, sure I do.” He gave me a dead-eyed stare and said “You HAVE to check out it’s reviews on the Play Store, I never knew this app was so awesome! A friend of mine just showed it to me and it’s unbelievable!”

I’ve got to say, he had my attention. I immediately went to the Store and opened the page for “Android System WebView“; and man oh man was he right!

Android System WebView Review (1)
So MANY amazing 5 star ratings! (ignore the 1 stars)

I had no idea that I had SUCH UNLIMITED POWER IN MY PHONE! This app is miraculous! It’ll do wonders I tell ya! Please go and throw out your iPhones!

Prepare to be amazed, THIS APP WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!

Just go ahead and check out some its reviews and enlighten yourself (to read the full list of comments, go to the link mentioned above):

Android System WebView Review (2)Android System WebView Review (4)

Android System WebView Review (3)Android System WebView Review (5)

I told you, this app will change your life!