The Five-Books-At-Once Challenge

There’s one thing I hate to admit: I’m a slow reader. In fact, so slow that in the past 22 years of my life I’ve read close to a meager 150 books (minus the Goosebumps and other similar fantasy novellas I read in childhood). It’s a shame, I know. Pitiful. Despicable. Cringe-worthy. I should be ashamed to call myself a “book-worm”. But it’s all because I have a few behavioral problems. I need particular “settings” around me that should be in place before I start reading. Everything from the lighting of the room, the snack I’m going to have while reading (be it a cup of tea or a bag of chips), to the position at which I’m going to read in; everything is calculated beforehand. Yes, when I’m out of home, I bend the rules a bit, and just go with the flow. But inside my home, everything has to be just perfect.

Relaxing Read

And then there’s the matter of speed. I read S.L.O.W.L.Y. I savor the words and then I like to play them out in my head and direct that entire scene to my taste. What accent, tone of voice and pitch the character is speaking in, what gestures they must be making, at what “camera angle” that scene is being shot in, how the cuts are being made from one scene to the next. I’m the director, I’m the cinematographer, I’m the film editor, I’m the actor, I’m everything except the writer. That’s why until I complete that shot (till perfection) in my mind, then and only then do I progress to the next page. Yeah I know I’m not a Special Snowflake. A lot of you can relate to this methodology. You too must admit that it gets frustrating sometimes, but it carries its own reward which the reader himself/herself can appreciate.

Thinking while Reading

But I’ve realized I’m not reading half as much as I should be, so I think it’s time I challenge myself. Expand my horizons! Therefore, for my love of putting myself through discomfort, I’ve decided to do the Five-Books-At-Once Challenge. This will not only allow me to have a go at tackling multiple books at once, but will also widen my literary experience in a taxing yet fun way.

Speed Reading

The books I’ve selected for this task span across a variety of genres, each entertaining in its own way. Those Five Books are:

  1. The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler (contemporary, adult, romance)
  2. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn (mystery, thriller, crime)
  3. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank (autobiography, memoir, historical)
  4. Infinite Jest by David F. Wallace (contemporary, literature, humor, philosophy)
  5. Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari (nonfiction, humor, romance, sociology)

Now many of you who have read Infinite Jest or Anne Frank’s Diary must be thinking, “This is a disgrace! This is no way these classics should be read!!” I know that, and I also know I won’t waste my experience with speed-reading. I’ll try my best to never compromise on my understanding of these masterpieces and do them justice. But I need to push my limits. Some of my friends have also said to me, “Reading multiple books at once never works, you idiot. You always end up finishing none of them.” This is exactly the reason I’m naming this a CHALLENGE. And when I commit to a challenge I don’t back off until I give it my all. I’m planning on finishing all of these and my stubbornness will help me along the way.

The method I’m going to apply is that I’ll set different time slots of one day to two different books and I’ll dedicate one whole day to Infinite Jest, because I can’t mix up that book with any other in the same day. IJ takes up too much mental capacity, and to be honest, I’m always emotionally drained (and confused) after finishing every single chapter.

So now that I have a job (oh yeah just recently got my first real job.. I’ll tell the details in a future post), all the energy of my free time will be dedicated to just reading. The timeline I’ve decided for this challenge is 2 months, but I know due to the 9 to 6 job it’s gonna be a pain in the bottom, but still, I’ll do my best to complete these as soon as possible. It’s time I do something to justify myself as an “avid reader”.

If anyone else is up for this challenge please do let me know. I’ll have a reading buddy whose willing to go through the same torturous/pleasing journey I’m about to embark in 😀

Trust me, a lot of people do this without losing their minds.

Anywho, wish me luck *_*

Best of Luck


StayFocusd: An Effective App for Fighting Procrastination

Procrastination is known as the phenomenon where you forgo your responsibilities and delay your work in order to pursue pointless activities, such as:

  • Opening shitty entertainment websites where you read mind-numbing articles on celebrities who have nothing to do with your existence.
  • Taking online quizzes that tell you what kind of a person you are (like you don’t know already) and/or which Hemsworth brother you’ll get married to in your next life.
  • Scrolling through the Facebook News Feed and seeing your friends post unnecessary details of their private life, watching them bask in the glory of their “marital bliss” and then cringing at the baby pictures of their not-so-cute children (but still saying the obligatory “AAWWW” because you don’t wanna seem like an a-hole); all of which eventually makes you feel like punching someone in the schwantz.
  • Going on YouTube and seeing someone else play games for a living while you sit in front of a screen, eating ice-cream and falling deeper and deeper into the abyss of the interwebs until one day you feel dead inside.
Credit: Someecards

If YOU are a victim of procrastination then look no further, because I come bearing the cure. *aaaaaaa* (the sound of a shiny bright light coming down from the Heavens)

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Why Are You People So Generous? :’)

With a total of 10 Blogging Award Nominations now, I just can’t help feeling so weird and “out of place”, because I feel so inadequate that I’m in this community of such amazing writers whose biggest passion in life is writing, and here I – a very non-serious blogger who just writes casual gibberish from time to time – gets these nominations. I just feel ever so humble for the love you people have shown me. I don’t deserve it (AT ALL) but nonetheless thank you so so very much to each and every person I’ve come to know here.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t find the time to write a proper post for these awards. Sorry 😦 Anyway, here it is (FINALLY).

Blogging Awards

Creative Blogger Award by Udayology

Dragon’s Loyalty Award by Princess Kick-Ass and Akhiz Munawar
Encouraging Thunder Award by JabrushBlog
The Premio Dardos Award by Akhiz Munawar
Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by BeingEccentric

First of all, who comes up with the names for these awards? Just look at them, such badassery. Kudos to the creators!

Secondly, you see the names and blog links of the people who nominated me? These are some of the best people you’ll find here on WP. Go RIGHT NOW and follow their blogs. They are amazesauce!

Now I’m not gonna waste anyone’s time and write down the rules for the awards; you can go easily Google them. The rules of two of these awards is that I have to write 7 facts about myself. I’ve already done this before, so coming up with 7 more is, err, hard. Anyhoe, I’m not that interesting so, what I am gonna write is 5 weaknesses about myself.

  1. I’m very anti-social. It’s not just about my introversion, I just don’t like humans. That’s why I’ve had a hard time making friends. I only open up to the people I trust, and I don’t trust easily. I’ve interacted and opened-up myself a lot here on WordPress, so that says a lot about how much I trust you guys.
  2. I don’t utter many words from my mouth. I can be social with my written words but not verbally. I just think a LOT before I speak, and most times those words just remain stuck in the thought-process. Again, WP is the one place where I’ve said more words than I’ve ever did in my entire life. I don’t even speak much at home.
  3. Victim of over-perfectionism. Being a perfectionist isn’t that a good thing, and being an over-perfectionist is even worse. If things don’t go EXACTLY the way I’ve planned them to be I just don’t handle that quite well, and people start to think I’m aggressive (and crazy).
  4. I can’t tolerate stupidity. Is that a weakness? Yes. Because in life you will come across countless people who will behave stupidly around you, who will say idiotic things and you have to tolerate that. They might include your own friends or coworkers. But I don’t have that tolerance. I tend to get a very “get out of my face” attitude and it hurts them. So I’m really sorry for such rude behavior on my part. 😦
  5. I’m over-ambitious. You know what’s the bad thing about being over-ambitious? It’s that you take up so many new projects/things that when you step back and look at that interesting mess you’ve created for yourself you just can’t help thinking that it’s all beyond your capability. But I never turn away from a challenge so I keep myself so much drenched in that mess that my personal life (and my health) suffers because of it. :/

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