“25” by Adele: The Wait Was Worth It

The most anticipated album of 2015 was released three days ago, and then suddenly, life was the right amount of perfect. Adele’s “25” is currently shattering all records, and for good reason: it’s the best thing that has happened to the music industry in the past 4 years.

Adele 25 Cover
Image Courtesy: http://www.digitalspy.com

The thing that I loved the most about 25 was that it was so… optimistic. I was expecting a LOT of tear-jerkers (“Hello” and “When We Were Young” being the only ones that made me ugly-cry) but most of the songs in it are about celebrating love, not brooding over it. I was continuously smiling while listening to this entire album.

Next came the challenge: to shortlist my Top 5 Favorite songs from it. Ergh, that was one of the toughest things I’ve had to do this year, only because no track – and I mean NOT A SINGLE TRACK – was mediocre. Nope. That’s a rarity.

So without further ado, let me share which 5 songs I think are the ones that I’ll keep listening to all my entire life.

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Need Motivation to Go to Work? Follow These Steps…

I think we’d all agree that waking up and getting our arse to our job is one of the toughest things we humans have to do in this day and age. But fret not my friends, I have come across a magical therapy that’ll get you pumped up for the challenges your boring-ass job puts in your way. Yes, you will be excited about going to that thankless workplace which sometimes makes you want to kill yourself (or your co-workers and/or boss). So please, follow the given instructions carefully in order to experience your “employmental bliss”.

1. Wake up, go to the bathroom, freshen up, have a shower, get dressed, eat a healthy breakfast. After finishing your meal take out your phone, open YouTube and watch the video of “Busy Earnin'” by Jungle. (Video posted below.)

2. Carefully observe the swag and badassity these people are putting into the dance. Listen to the words of wisdom being said.

3. Get into your car (bike/rickshaw/bus or whatever mode of transport you use) and go to your workplace.

4. Once you’ve entered the office, play this exact song on loudspeaker, stand in the middle of the lobby and start imitating the dance moves you learned from the video. Don’t worry about looking like an idiot. You can also ask your co-workers to join you.

5. Remember to repeat the mantra “Too busy earnin’, I can’t get enough” out loud.

6. Please make sure that your boss sees you giving those ‘Such Swag, Much Dope Death-Stares’ (1:52 to 2:10).  Do NOT exaggerate the stare otherwise he/she might sue you for sexual harassment. If done correctly, you might get an early promotion because your boss would be so deeply intimidated by you.

7. When finished, walk calmly to your cubicle and continue your work.

Repeat this therapy at least once a week, and you’ll start seeing the difference in your performance and also in the behavior of your fellow employees and the administration towards you.

To listen to more amazing songs like Busy Earnin’ please check/purchase the album of FIFA 15. The people at EA Games know how to compile a perfect soundtrack.

Jack Savoretti – A Voice Sent Straight Down From Heaven

Is it considered normal if I listen to an album, day-in day-out, back-to-back, over and over again, 24/7, and not get the least bit tired of it? I have developed this OBSESSION with Mr. Jack Savoretti’s voice, and I’m not ashamed. But I do feel embarrassed by the fact that I didn’t know he existed until 2 weeks ago. Who is this man with the voice of a heartbroken angel? Where was this poetic beast all my life? (Okay, okay I admit it. I’ve developed a huge crush on this guy! I mean come on, THAT voice with THAT face?!?) Jack Savoretti Umm, yeah, sorry I just spent 15 minutes stupidly staring at his pictures. All hail Google Images!

Now let’s talk about his latest album “Written in Scars” (my first experience with his music). It is absolutely rare that I come across an album whose each and every track holds so much emotional power over me. But to keep my post short I’ve narrowed down my choices (with a heavy heart) to selecting the Top 5 songs from “Written in Scars”. It doesn’t mean that the rest of them were inferior in any way; I just picked out the ones that moved me the most. Continue reading

Fifty Shades of Awkward (yet Pretty Good) Soundtrack to a Dreadful (and Appalling) Movie

Fifty Shades of Grey

Nowadays whenever anyone starts a sentence with “Fifty Shades” people immediately judge him/her (mostly her) as a horny teenager or an overtly desperate housewife who is a fangirl of physical abuse disguised as erotica and has horrible taste in literature. But I’m neither a teenager nor a housewife, and I absolutely hate the godforsaken book (went through the first few chapters, couldn’t bear the horrible writing, burnt it in the furnace, took the remnants to a hill far far away and buried it) and have no intentions whatsoever to watch the movie because:
1. I’m not a sadist.
2. I hate the misogynistic concept of the book/movie.
3. I don’t have a husband to accompany me, who probably would’ve made it bearable for me.

But yes where there is music involved I tend to give it a chance. So, I came across the OST for Fifty Shades of Crap and went through the tracks, and to my surprise I actually liked a few of them. Continue reading