I’m Walking on Sunshine (Woah Ooh)

This is exactly how I feel like whenever I get a blogging award nomination…

Oh yeahhh

No, not like that guy on the left or the woman in the back. I’m talking about J-Law’s FTW fist-bump. Woohoo! 😀

This time I’m nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award. *applause!*

Image Courtesy: shoeaholicnomore.com
Image Courtesy: shoeaholicnomore.com

Gotta admit, I’m not really a “sunshiney-ish” blogger but I’m glad some of you think of me that way :’)

I’ve been nominated by (yet-again) Mr. Akhiz Munawar. Damn, you’re spoiling me, son!

I’m on a (Warning: too many adverbs coming through) drastically, painfully, excruciatingly busy schedule today, so I won’t be able to nominate others. I hate to break the chain on my end but I have to finish this post in about 5 minutes. And also, the people who I do decide to nominate tell me to not do that anymore because they’ve had too many 😀 See, I have such brilliant people in my WP Fam :’) Proud of them all ❤

So Akhiz asked me a few questions that I have to answer for this nom. Here it goes!

1. Who is your favorite historical personality, your favorite saying by them?
Answer. Err, they’re too many, but I have to go with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and my favorite saying of his:

“Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.”

2. Hope, Faith or Love? If you are given a choice to choose only one that will stay with you for the rest of your life which will you choose?
Answer. Faith. If you’ve got faith, the other two are right around the corner 🙂

3. What’s the biggest problem of your country and what’s the sure shot and effective/fastest way to solve it?
Answer. Evil politicians. Solution: lock them all up in a time capsule and open it in the 30th Century.

Nailed It

4. Your all-time Favorite Movie and Song?
Answer. Now that’s a tough one! I have to say, ummm, there’s a close tie between Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Forrest Gump. They hit me hard every single time! Can’t ever get tired of watching them.
As for the song, let’s go with “Holocene” by Bon Iver, “Song for Zula” by Phosphorescent and “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele. Yup!

5. When you are angry how do you express it?
Answer. I don’t. Anymore. I used to, by lashing out at my close loved ones. But not anymore. I guess it’s just a side-effect of growing up 😕

6. Is John Snow Dead?
Answer. NO! A thousand frikkin’ times NO! Just like Glenn isn’t dead in The Walking Dead, my Jon Snow (or should I say Azor Ahai reborn) isn’t dead either!

Save Me Jon Snow

Great questions, mate! 😉

At the end I’d like to thank aalll my beautiful WP Family members who take out the time from their busy schedules and visit my boring-ass blog. You’ll never know how much this means to me… Okay, okay, want a clue?

*shouting* IT MEANS THE GALAXY TO ME!! 🐱


Why Are You People So Generous? :’)

With a total of 10 Blogging Award Nominations now, I just can’t help feeling so weird and “out of place”, because I feel so inadequate that I’m in this community of such amazing writers whose biggest passion in life is writing, and here I – a very non-serious blogger who just writes casual gibberish from time to time – gets these nominations. I just feel ever so humble for the love you people have shown me. I don’t deserve it (AT ALL) but nonetheless thank you so so very much to each and every person I’ve come to know here.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t find the time to write a proper post for these awards. Sorry 😦 Anyway, here it is (FINALLY).

Blogging Awards

Creative Blogger Award by Udayology

Dragon’s Loyalty Award by Princess Kick-Ass and Akhiz Munawar
Encouraging Thunder Award by JabrushBlog
The Premio Dardos Award by Akhiz Munawar
Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by BeingEccentric

First of all, who comes up with the names for these awards? Just look at them, such badassery. Kudos to the creators!

Secondly, you see the names and blog links of the people who nominated me? These are some of the best people you’ll find here on WP. Go RIGHT NOW and follow their blogs. They are amazesauce!

Now I’m not gonna waste anyone’s time and write down the rules for the awards; you can go easily Google them. The rules of two of these awards is that I have to write 7 facts about myself. I’ve already done this before, so coming up with 7 more is, err, hard. Anyhoe, I’m not that interesting so, what I am gonna write is 5 weaknesses about myself.

  1. I’m very anti-social. It’s not just about my introversion, I just don’t like humans. That’s why I’ve had a hard time making friends. I only open up to the people I trust, and I don’t trust easily. I’ve interacted and opened-up myself a lot here on WordPress, so that says a lot about how much I trust you guys.
  2. I don’t utter many words from my mouth. I can be social with my written words but not verbally. I just think a LOT before I speak, and most times those words just remain stuck in the thought-process. Again, WP is the one place where I’ve said more words than I’ve ever did in my entire life. I don’t even speak much at home.
  3. Victim of over-perfectionism. Being a perfectionist isn’t that a good thing, and being an over-perfectionist is even worse. If things don’t go EXACTLY the way I’ve planned them to be I just don’t handle that quite well, and people start to think I’m aggressive (and crazy).
  4. I can’t tolerate stupidity. Is that a weakness? Yes. Because in life you will come across countless people who will behave stupidly around you, who will say idiotic things and you have to tolerate that. They might include your own friends or coworkers. But I don’t have that tolerance. I tend to get a very “get out of my face” attitude and it hurts them. So I’m really sorry for such rude behavior on my part. 😦
  5. I’m over-ambitious. You know what’s the bad thing about being over-ambitious? It’s that you take up so many new projects/things that when you step back and look at that interesting mess you’ve created for yourself you just can’t help thinking that it’s all beyond your capability. But I never turn away from a challenge so I keep myself so much drenched in that mess that my personal life (and my health) suffers because of it. :/

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Versatile Blogger Award (again)!

Versatile Blogger Award

It’s so cool that no one actually WINS these awards but only gets nominated. This is done purely out of promoting cooperation among the blogger community, not competition. You are simply using these awards as a tool for helping other bloggers come under the spotlight. Gee, that’s why I love WordPress ^_^ That reminds me, read more about the debate on “Cooperation vs. Competition” on Janice Wald’s post “The Great Blogger Hoax“. She raises a few very good points.

As for the award, this is my SECOND nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award (aaww shucks thanks you so much dear, but we both know I’m not that versatile, you’re too kind) given by a very dear friend of mine Miusho who writes at “Emotional Luggage“, which is one of my most favorite blogs here. She’s witty, charming and adorable and I kinda love her like a big sister now, so please do visit her blog and check it out 🙂

And oh yes, the rules:

  • Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  • Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  • Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link back to the post on your site announcing their nomination.
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things/facts about yourself.

So I’ve been nominated for this before,  and I’ve already told you guys some facts about myself (check them out here) soooo it’s kinda tough coming up with 7 more of these again but I’ll give em’ a try :3

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Two More Nominations! This Just Keeps Getting Better and Better <3

Award Nominations

Woah, I’m feeling so overwhelmed right now! I’ve got a total of three award nominations now, and I just can’t help but feel ever more humble. Because what I do, what I write, it’s really nothing compared to the work 90% of the bloggers do here, but you guys love Couch Potahto nonetheless. A big hug and a thank you to all my followers ❤

My deepest thank you to my fellow Pakistani sister, RandomBytes from Random Bytes From Life for nominating me for the “Infinity Dreams Award”. RandomBytes writes about anything and everything from her life as a wonderful Mom and a rockstar at life. So please do “Follow” her and give her a message from me that I love her. 😉

As for the second award, haha, wow, thank you so so very much MyPersonalThing from “My Personal Thing – Musings From An Unknown” for nominating me for “The Versatile Blogger Award”. I didn’t know I was a versatile blogger until you nominated me 😛 MyPersonalThing writes about her personal musings which are an absolute delight to read, so please please “Follow” her blog as well. She’s such a sweetheart! ❤

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I’ve Been NOMINATED!! :D *Tap Dancing Mode Activated*

Oh-Kay this is bizarre! This blogging thing is something I do as a hobby. English isn’t my first language! I’m terrible at it. Just look at my narrative. It’s all over the place! 😛 You know, I saw so many people being nominated for their amazing and infinitely fun blogs but I had no idea whatsoever that I’d be one of them one day 😀 Thank you so very much Abyssbrain for nominating me for the Liebster Award!

Liebster Award

*hands shaking*

Control it, Abeeha! Conceal it, don’t feel it!

I know this might not be a big deal for most people, but for me, this is HUGE! Liebster Award is presented to bloggers who have less then 200 followers but have stupendous potential to grow big in the future! 🙂 You know, the only other thing I was ever nominated for was “Best Director” in a university play. I won that award by the way, but didn’t receive any recognition for it as it was all severely unofficial and the teacher ran out of funds. Yeah.

So anyway, I’ve been nominated by Abyssbrain, one of my most favorite bloggers here at WordPress. Please go check out his awesomesauce blog “Mathemagical Site” to explore the cool side of math, science and tech! ^_^ Trust me, it’s incredible!  Continue reading