Mad Max: Fury Road… 95% Action, 100% Heart

Bizarre, chaotic, poetic!! How do I describe this movie?? I’m at a loss of words yet my mind is filled with things I want to pour out for this work of art!! I’m using too many exclamation marks!! YES, I AM SHOUTING!!!

Mad Max Fury Road

Before I proceed with the review, I have to confess something. I… haven’t seen the previous three Mad Max movies 😦 I had to read about the trilogy on Wikipedia while on my way to the movie. Yes, I know I should feel ashamed. I myself felt dirty that I had to rely on Wiki-*facepalm*-pedia to know more about George Miller’s classics. I cringed when I realized that the only Miller movies I’ve seen are the Happy Feet duology. HAPPY. MOMMY FUDGING. FEET! *eyes twitching*

Please God forgive me for I have sinned.

Movie Synopsis:

Set in a world where there’s no trace of vegetation, energy resources, or sanity, Max is a man in search of redemption. While on his travels he is captured by War Boys: an army of a cult lead by a psychotic and monstrous man Immortan Joe (the guy who wears that creepy-ass mask and hair more glorious than Thor’s).

During his escape, Max comes across Furiosa (Immortan Joe’s Imperator) who has gone rogue and is on a mission to save Joe’s five oppressed wives (who are used as breeders of his army) and wants to take them back to her childhood home: “The Green Place”. Max decides to help their convoy reach it’s destination across the desolate desert.

My Take On the Movie:

From a one dimensional perspective this story might seem too overly-simple and straight. Judging by it’s trailer a movie-goer might think “Ooo I’m going to watch a lot of BAM! BOOM! KAPOW!” And it really doesn’t disappoint it’s viewers in that regard. It really is 95% action/adventure. But you have to see it from a deeper perspective to understand what it really is all about.

Moral Decadence, Ecological Collapse and Redeeming One’s-self:

The very first sequence of the movie made me think “Woah, I’m in for a wild ride.” But the second one wrenched my heart and teared out my guts. I’m afraid of the world they showed. A world without any tiniest bit of hope, a world where we have to beg for a few drops of water, a world filled with disease, havoc and insanity.

That’s not the kind of world I ever want to live in, or want my children to live in. And it might not seem like it right now, but we ARE well on our way towards this same kind of hell if we don’t take care of these limited resources we have. No, I’m not preaching about all that “THE END IS NIGH” stuff. I just care too much about this home we call “Earth” and I’m genuinely scared for it. The world WILL go mad if it ever loses its home. It’s a scary thought and I witnessed that hellish nightmare while watching this movie.

Mad Max Fury Road had a surprising amount of emotional depth as well. Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult have given one helluva performance. All of them had such complex personalities with layers and layers of emotions, I was in awe. I felt their pain and suffering, their need for redemption, their descent into (or ascent from) madness and their search for hope.

Mad Max Fury Road

This movie is visual art:

This is the work of a genius. You know why? Because it had a total of 30 dialogues maximum and for a movie having most (almost all) of its content filled with breathtaking non-stop action, it carried more meaning and depth than most of the films nowadays. I mean, HOWWWW, how did he do it? When you see it you will observe that just by the right camera angles, the right facial expression at the right time, and with the right soundtrack, George Miller let us explore the entire story and the emotions it carries just by observing the tiny details. He has simply created a visual masterpiece. I’m… I’m still shaking my head.

Chris Stuckmann was right: this year has ended. This is it. This movie is it. Go watch his review on YouTube, you’ll understand what I’m saying.

Max and Furiosa

Please go watch Mad Max: Fury Road while it’s in theaters. As Chris said: “IT DESERVES ALL THE MONEYS.” Please go. Witness true art. And if by any chance you don’t catch it in theaters, buy the Blu-ray immediately upon it’s release and watch it with your whole family. I promise you, you shall not be disappointed AT ALL. If you are (seriously dude?), you can come by here on my blog and verbally abuse me. You have my permission 😀

Life Lesson Learned:

This world is the only home we’re ever gonna get. Don’t trust the movies that say that we’ll migrate to Mars or some other planet and create a natural habitat there and live happily ever after. That’s never gonna happen. Nope. Not happening. Ever. So please take care of this tiny cute adorable little planet. Don’t let it go to waste. And God forbid if it does come to that? Then make sure you have a guy like Max or a gal like Furiosa by your side.

Potahto Rating:

10 out of 10 Potahtos


13 thoughts on “Mad Max: Fury Road… 95% Action, 100% Heart

    • A.B Mood May 26, 2015 / 10:00 PM

      Aawww heyyy thank you so muchhh Jabrush 😀 This is a huge honor for me ^_^ ❤


    • A.B Mood May 27, 2015 / 12:08 AM

      You mussttt! I guarantee you that you haven’t seen THIS kind of mind-blowing action in the past decade (at least)!


    • A.B Mood May 27, 2015 / 12:10 AM

      Heyyy thank you so much 😀 Loving your blog as well! I’m just a starter but you’ve made a name for yourself here at WP 🙂 It’s an honor to have you in my WP Family ^_^

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      • Mithai Mumblezz June 5, 2015 / 8:30 AM

        I’m extremely sorry for the late reply. Sems got over. Couldn’t reply to such a beautiful comment in a hurry 😉 And may I say thar its an honour for me as well getting such an appreciation from a wonderful blogger 😀 😀 love your posts!!
        Lotssss of love and hugs ❤ ❤

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      • A.B Mood June 7, 2015 / 10:20 PM

        Oh no need to apologize dear. I understand the pressure us students have to endure 😦
        And same to you Mithai 🙂 Absolutely love your posts and the love and care you share ❤

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      • Mithai Mumblezz June 8, 2015 / 9:27 PM

        I’m planning to dropout. Its becoming too much 😉 haha and open my own class ‘Crash course in talking shit’ :p
        Discounts available for my lovely blogger friends!!

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      • A.B Mood June 15, 2015 / 10:52 PM

        Oooo I would love to get enrolled there 😀 I wonder what the curriculum would be 😛

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