“Spring”: A Breath of Fresh Air for the Romantic/Horror Genre

Want to see a creepy and haunting version of ‘Before Sunrise’? Then go ahead and watch ‘Spring’ right away. This is a HUGE compliment coming from me, as I am probably the biggest fan of the Before Trilogy. Of course it doesn’t come near to the excellence of what Mr. Richard Linklater created, but you can’t help but see the clear similarities between the two.

Spring the Movie
Nadia Hilker and Lou Taylor Pucci in “Spring”

Boy (Evan) and Girl (Louise) meet on a beautiful European journey, they feel that instant spark, form a close bond, fool around, share their life stories, explore the city together, fall in love, and eventually everything falls apart soon enough and broken hearts are right around the corner. But why do they have separate? This is where the story gets interesting.


The girl is actually a 2000 year old monster who transforms into a kind of grotesque creature every other hour, has to inject some hormones/pheromones type weird stuff to keep up her gorgeous looks, and to maintain her immortality a guy has to impregnate her every 20 years so that she can give birth to herself.


I know this sounds ridiculous but trust me, this isn’t a Creature Feature. It is a beautifully alluring romantic film. A movie that would be perfect for a date night! If only I had my hubby with me I would’ve watched it with him 😥 

What Before Sunrise did for Vienna, this indie flick does it for Italy’s gorgeous Mediterranean coast.

You know, the one thing I love the most in movies is the script. Even if it’s a poorly directed and horribly acted movie with a brilliant script I will watch the heck out of it. Spring however has got some stunning cinematography, two amazing leads, and it’s script is intelligent, passionate, and sharp.

Louise: “Tell me more about the finite.”

Evan: “Let’s see. Uh… when you’re sick it makes you feel lucky for all the times when you were healthy. Sunrises and sunsets? Some things are just beautiful no matter what. And a constant reminder that you only get so many. So you gotta enjoy them! Some pizza and a bottle of wine with the right person, that can make the shittiest day better. Coffee dates take up a pretty good chunk of your time, but they’re worth it. You can choose to work yourself to death, but you can also throw all that work away without regrets for the right person. Maybe that’s chemical, but it’s also magic. Love comes around a couple times if you’re lucky. Life always seems short no matter what.”

The chemistry between the two lead actors was so believable that I was rooting for them so hard I was internally screaming for them to make it till the very end! Evan was kind of a numbnut but I felt sympathy for his unfaltering love for Louise and Louise’s mystifying persona was haunting yet endearing at the same time.

Spring the Movie (2)

Ah, just go ahead and watch this with your significant other. I’m just gonna lie here and rewatch some beautiful moments with my dear popcorn.

Life Lesson Learned:

When love presents itself to you, seize the opportunity and fight for it. Your perseverance will be worth it no matter how screwed up the situation is.

Potahto Rating:

7 out of 10 Potahtos


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