Which “Lost” Guy is my Soulmate?

I don’t usually take these Buzzfeed quizzes that tend to tell me what kinda guy I’m gonna end up with and what my personality is like; as if I don’t know it already :/ But just now I took the quiz: “Which ‘LOST’ Guy Is Your Soulmate?” because honestly, ALL of the “Lost” guys were fine specimens for a perfect male companion. So I took the quiz and I think I won it :’) Coz I got Charlie Pace, my # 1 sweetheart from Lost ❤

Charlie Pace

“Charlie is a complicated musician with a heart of gold. He can be a little difficult to handle at time, but as your relationship develops he will become incredibly loyal and very sweet. Peanut butter, anyone?”

Aaww shucks Buzzfeed, stop it, you! :’)

Hey listen up Mr. Future-Husband-Whoever-You-Are (emm, maybe I should just start calling you “My Cute Guy” just like that girl from ‘Attachments’. It’s shorter and it’s sweet, innit?)

So yeah, listen up My Cute Guy, take notes. You better be a talented, tender-hearted, painfully-loyal softy just like Charlie. Yeah a big NO to the drug problem O_o but you shouldn’t have any problem in risking your life for me. Claire was a lucky girl to have Charlie, and I’ll also be a darn lucky girl to have you, Mr. My Cute Guy! I can’t wait for you to say these 5 magical words to me, “You lookin’ at my bum?” 


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