Better Call Saul: “Investigate, Advocate, Persuade and most importantly WIN!”

Better Call Saul Poster

The moment I started watching the season premiere, I had a ridiculously huge smile on my face, a kind of smile that comes on your lips when you see an old friend again. I just wanted to get up, hug the television and give a big smooch to the TV screen! Breaking Bad and their whole team will always and forever hold a deeply special place in my heart, and even if they make a humongous dumpy disaster with anything they make (which is IMPOSSIBLE) I will still adore it!

But thank goodness Better Call Saul is amazingsauce!! That same signature style of Vince and his creative team, the cinematics, background score, the acting, the subtle humor, the underlying themes of imminent danger ahead, everything reeks of perfection yet again.

Yes of course I miss Walter and Jesse, but Saul (or Jimmy) does a tremendous job in pulling the attention towards his storyline instead of making us desperately miss the magnum-opus of Vince Gilligan.

I must say, people should expect great things from this show too. It has amazing potential to become a great TV show (if not THE GREATEST like BB; honestly even Vince can NEVER beat his own creation).

The Saul we got to know in BB is nothing like the man I’ve seen today. I mean seriously, this guy practices his courtroom defense in bathrooms. This guy is soft, he’s a little under-confident, he isn’t that conniving. What happened to this guy to turn him into THE Saul Goodman? And what fate awaits for “Gene the Manager at Cinnabon”? And why-in-the-name-of-all-that-is-holy was a cold-blooded hitman like Mike doing in a ticket-checking booth?!? And why does Tuco’s relatives all consist of mean and nasty old people? 😀
(Note: I squealed and gave a flying smooch to the screen when I saw these two adorable faces. It felt like coming home looking at them again. Yesss, even Tuco.)

So yeah Vince, I am intrigued and day-yummm am I hooked baby!


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