“Infamous: Second Son” – Enjoy Your Powers Indeed!

When I start a game, the first things I look out for are:
1. Amazing visual effects that force my jaw to drop dead on the ground
2. Flawless gameplay that keeps pulling me back for more
3. An insanely fun but also meaningful story-line
4. Characters for whom I can care for.

Infamous: Second Son scores a perfect “A+” on all the above mentioned aspects.

Delsin Rowe

*for people who haven’t played the game, and they want to, please don’t read this post, it contains spoilers*

The Story: 

Meet Delsin Rowe; a rebellious wise-ass delinquent who lives in a sweet little Akomish Native American community in Washington. His brother is the local sheriff Reggie Rowe (my second favorite character in the game) who just wants his little brother to quit his silly shenanigans and become responsible and do something worthwhile with his life. However, one day a military truck comes crashing in the community and both Rowe brothers see two prisoners run off from the wreckage. One of them (Hank) is still trapped inside, so when Delsin tries to pull him out he abruptly absorbs his powers and his past memories. Yes those three prisoners were Conduits (or Bio Terrorists), and Hank is the one with Smoke Powers. So now it is revealed that our dear Delsin has the ability to absorb any Conduit’s powers and see his/her memories. Delsin freaks out due to the fact that he himself is a Conduit and pursues Hank to reverse whatever happened. Soon they are both cornered by Brooke Augustine, the leader of the Anti Bio-Terrorist organization DUP (Department of Unified Protection). She herself is a Conduit with horiffic Concrete Powers. When she eventually captures Hank, Delsin tries to act natural and hide his new found abilities. Augustine (being the evil b**ch she is) starts interrogating Delsin, and when he gives nothing she interrogates Betty (a sweet old lady who is sort of a guardian of the Rowe brothers) and threatens to kill everyone until she gets the truth. Now here comes the fun part; you have the option to either sacrifice your whole community and save yourself or either give yourself up save everyone. Throughout the game you will come across nuuuuumerous occasions where you have to make such critical decisions in tough situations.

So yes, Ta Dah! This game gives you the option to continue your journey with a Good Karma or an Evil Karma (just like the previous two games). By opting for the Good Karma you begin your ultimate aim to become a TRUE HERO, and if you choose the Evil Karma you go down the path of become INFAMOUS. Now let me tell you I’m that kind of person who despises joining the dark side. I’m a little miss goody two shoes. So obviously I give myself up and save the community. But ha ha she still tortures half the people of the tribe. Yeah, honesty is not always the best policy.

Augustine’s torture method is corrupting the body with hard concrete; and the pain is slowly killing the torture victims. Now the only way to save the people is for Delsin to follow Augustine to Seattle where she leads the DUP Headquarters (where she has imprisoned hundreds of Conduits), defeat her and absorb her powers into him and use it to eradicate the concrete corruption from the victims in the tribe.

Along the journey you come across the other escaped Conduits, who at first seem threatening but once you absorb their powers and get to know their past you see that they themselves are victims of the  evil and condescending society in which we live in. Fetch, a former drug addict who is on a mission to eliminate all drug cartels from Seattle has Neon Powers and Eugene is an insecure but super intelligent gamer who was a social outcast, bullied and scorned by his peers, is on a mission to help all helpless people in need, and he has Video Powers. Together you all go on a mission to wipe out all DUP scum from the city, free all the Conduits from the Headquarters and punish Augustine for her wrong doings.

Why Is It So Much Fun:

Other than the main missions, you can freely roam around Seattle and take part in dozens of side-activities (which also earn you Good or Bad Karma depending on your choice). You can weaken the DUP’s hold on the city by destroying their mobile command units, satellite dishes, absorbing core relays and shards to enhance your powers, and my MOST favorite activity, spraying graffitis 😀

Infamous Second Son Graffiti

You can either make “Evil Karma” graffitis which are more taunting, intimidating  and aren’t that much pleasant (but sometimes quite hilarious) and they sure do give off a hateful message for the DUP. Or you can make “Good Karma” graffitis which depict a very optimistic and sweet side of society, they kinda put a cute smile on your face 🙂  Why is graffiti making so much fun? Well when you start the graffiti your PS4 DualShock Controller becomes a spray paint can. Yes I mean a little literally 😛 As the PS4 controller has tiny speakers in it so when you start “graffiti’ing” you have to shake your controller sideways and it gives off the sound of a spray can rattle and then you have to cleverly aim your controller’s motion censor at the screen to start spraying and voila you have created art. Haha I’m amazed by the level of detail they have put into each and every aspect of this game to make it a memorable gaming experience for the players.

Check out this video by “Riseofasoljatv” to see what I mean 😉

My Most Enjoyed Power:

All in all you get to exerience a total of 4 power; smoke, neon, video and concrete. Every power has it’s pros and cons; but my least favorite was smoke. It was quite slow for my taste, and less powerful than the other abilities.

Infamous Smoke Powers

Neon on the other hand was my most absolute favorite power; not just for being amazingly fast, strong attack capabilities but I loved it most for it’s visual impact. Man was I blown away to bits and pieces when I first started using Neon. This power has so much intricate detail put into its visuals, effects and colors that a person with epilepsy might start to vomit by the intensity of their brilliant sharpness and visual and color depth.

Infamous Neon Powers

The third powers, Video, haha they were indeed the most “Cool looking” powers. Why? Because you got to have digitized wings like an Angel (or a Demon if you have Evil Karma) and fly around 😀 And their air gliding and air dash abilities were to die for; but this power lacked horribly in its speed during combat. Giving two blows to the enemy takes forever. So that was a minus point for this one.

And by the end of the game we finally get Concrete powers from Augustine. The most slowest of them all but indeed the MOST powerful. One blow to the regular enemy and Hasta La Vista, baby! I’m not a big fan for the Concrete powers as roaming around the city becomes a tad bit frustrating (for that Neon and Video are DA BEST), but for combats, it is pretty nifty!

Karmic Consequences:

Playing as a Hero was so much internally satisfying. By doing heroic deeds throughout the game, you’ll also become popular among the people of Seattle and they’ll clap and cheer for you (“You’re my Hero, Delsin”, “Way to go, Delsin”,  “MARRY ME DELSIN!”) wherever you go. Lemme tell you, my brother is playing the game with an Evil Karma so I know the major differences it puts in the gameplay. People are scared of you, they run away whenever they see you and might express hateful speech. But, if I may be honest, being evil kicks ass! You can do whatever the heck you want to do. No holds barred! You can obliterate enemies and citizens alike, your powers are MUCH MORE strong and your special powers are excessively fierce. This really gives you the ultimate freedom; but in my personal opinion, enjoying the satisfaction of doing everything in your power for the greater good and being loved by the people is much better than the freedom of complete anarchy and destruction.

Now there was one particularly drastic event that was not dependent on your Karmic choices, it had to happen one way or another. That was Delsin’s elder brother Reggie Rowe’s death. It was the most heartbreaking and infuriating moment of the game 😥 Reggie was alongside Delsin throughout his journey, helping him, guiding him, being the voice of reason for him. And when Augustine corrupted him with concrete and he had to let go of Delsin’s hand and fall to his death, I was as angry as Delsin at that moment. I was clutching the controller in my hands with excruciating force and I wanted to BASH AUGUSTINE’S BRAINS IN!!!

Reggie Rowe's Death

Reggie Rowe: Delsin, Delsin, look at me. You gotta let me go.

[Concrete is slowly encasing him]

Delsin Rowe: No! I can do this! I can do this, I can do this…

Reggie Rowe: No, listen to me, you cant let this stuff get to you too!

Reggie Rowe: Dammit, I am so proud of you.

Delsin Rowe: No…

Reggie Rowe: Always have been.

Delsin Rowe: No… Reggie, don’t.

Reggie Rowe: I love you, bro.

[Lets go of Delsin’s hand]


Dammittt! Here come the waterworks again 😥

*sigh* …. But yes of course, your Karmic choices greatly influence the ending of the game. Trust me, being good pays off in the end :’)

In the Evil Karma Ending, you kill Augustine, and with Eugene and Fetch by your side you take control of Seattle. You then free all the imprisoned Conduits and absorb all of their powers. Later, you return to the Akomish reservation to cure the concrete corruption  from the tribe members, but they scorn you and reject your help because of the evil acts you committed in Seattle, and then you, all angry, prepare to destroy the entire community. The End.

In the Good Karma Ending, you spare Augustine’s life, expose her evil doings to the world, after which she is arrested and the DUP is disbanded. Then you, Fetch and Eugene successfully convince the whole world that Conduits and humans can indeed peacefully co-exist, and they free all of them from the prison. The world is now a better place for both the Conduits and humans :’) After that, you return to the Akomish tribe, all the people lovingly accept you, then you heal all of them and become the town Hero :’) In the final moments you go to the billboard, which you vandalized at the start of the game, and re-paint on it a  beautiful memorial mural dedicated to Reggie, which obviously brought tears to my eyes :’)

Reggie Rowe's Memorial Mural

Delsin Rowe: “I love you brother… And I’m sure gonna miss you.”

*Major Feels* Yep, Infamous: Second Son was perfection in every way possible :’)



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