“Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2” – A Potahto Review

Was I living in a cave all this time? (no Bat-Pun intended)

It’s been almost a year since it’s release and NOW I’m watching this wonderful gem of a movie!?! Shame on me!!!

Batman and Superman

Alright, so I haven’t seen the Part 1 of this series… actually I’m not much of a DC animation movies fan. I don’t know why but I just don’t find them as interesting as the Hollywood movies, but DAMN this movie forced me to change my views! Actually if I come down to it, honestly speaking, this was (on some levels) better than “The Dark Knight Rises”. If any of you has seen this will know why am I saying this. This is purely my opinion and I’m open to criticism.

The Story:

Pardon me if I sound like a jerk while describing the story-line, because literally I had no idea whatsoever about the events leading up to this movie (as I’ve said previously, I haven’t watched the previous part).

*contains spoilers, so read at your own risk*

So Joker is an inmate in Arkham (how did he end up in there I don’t know) 😦 and there he makes a master plan to escape the asylum and wreak havoc in Gotham city. His escape plan? Come on a talk show and literally kill everyone. And I mean everyone in the studio, including his psychiatrist. That whole sequence was simply horrifying. It is also revealed, as usual, that Batman is still being treated as a rogue vigilante and he’s almost near his retirement age. And oh, Gotham has a new Police Commissioner by the way (who wants the Batman arrested, DUH), Gordon has retired, so yeah he can’t protect Batman anymore.

Side note: How did Joker manage to be so graciously handsome while Bruce Wayne, Selena Kyle and Oliver Queen get so old and chubby? There is something called diet and exercise guys. ESPECIALLY you Selina, you really let yourself go! -_-

Bruce, Selina and Oliver

So yeah Batsy tries to stop Joker’s escape because he knows he wouldn’t come on a talk show to just chit-chat. And obviously the police treat BATMAN like the real threat and try to stop him, in which they succeed. Great going GPD, you just let a maniac like Joker go on the loose.

Long story short, pretty much first first-half of the movie is based on how Batman stops Joker, who is LITERALLY on a killing spree in Gotham, and how the police is on a manhunt for Batman, but not for Joker. This is just literally senseless behavior from the GPD’s side.

During all this we see that USA and Russia are on the brink of a nuclear war; and Superman, our beloved Man of Steel, is helping the government in taking care of this mess. We also see that the President wants Supes to put an end to Batman’s vigilante days and bring him into custody; which he  agrees to. I was dumbfounded by the degree of Superman’s “jerkness” -_- Why is he acting like a pawn for the government? 😦 Shouldn’t he be on Batsy’s side?

Most Badass/Memorable Moments:

1 – The Batman and Joker Final Showdown

Woaahh! Intense blood and gore & hair-splitting tension, it had everything!

Batman-Joker Final Showdown

Yep, that is a Batarang inside his eye. And it doesn’t really bother him. That is the level of insanity in that psychopath.

Well it all happened inside the carnival’s ‘Tunnel of Love’ (odd place to have the ever-anticipated Batman-Joker fight). We could plainly see that Joker really had pushed Batman over the edge. I mean Joker had actually gone completely bonkers. I haven’t seen him this unstable anywhere, like ever. Just roaming around and casually slaughtering people. He went all “Red Wedding” on everyone! Also he gave multiple stab wounds in Batman’s gut. OUCH! (do I need to make a Robb Stark reference?) 😀

It was liberating to see Batman so infinitely furious at that maniac and beat the sh!$ out of him, even after being left fatally wounded. And then… ladies and gentlemen… the moment we were all waiting for arrived!!! He FINALLY snaps his neck and kills him! Thank you dude, you did the world a huge favor.

2 – The Batman-Superman Showdown:

If the next Man of Steel movie manages to create an equally amazing Batsy-Supes fight like this one, I’M IN!!!

Kudos to the direction and animation team for making such a visually stunning and mind-blowing action sequence. I never imagined that a battle between an alien-god and a mortal being (who is also quite old and battered by Joker’s attack) would be so exhilarating.  Clark feels desperate to stop Bruce; he doesn’t wanna hurt him severely (come on Clark, why you doing the governments dirty work for them?) and Bruce, insistent on never giving up for what he lives for, fights back with equal power.

Batman-Superman Fight

Thanks to Oliver’s help, an arrow of Kryptonite did the trick. A Kryptonite piece that Bruce himself created over the years of research and work. It managed to make Clark mortal (at least for some time) and finally allowed Bruce to defeat him.

3 – The Climax:

Although he did beat Clark, but after the fight, due to the beating he took from Clark, Bruce’s heart stops and he eventually dies. I was first at shock but I knew that he is pulling off the fake death move (just like from The Dark Knight Rises).

He did what he had come to do, and now his job as Gotham’s savior was officially over. But that doesn’t mean he can’t still look after it 😉

Now he leads the self-proclaimed “Sons of the Batman”, a non-lethal group of fighters, who will now keep the city safe under Bruce’s and Oliver’s guidance.

Bruce Wayne to the Sons of Batman: “Starting now, I’m going to teach you everything. All of my ways. All of my secrets. You’re going to be my army… operating in the shadows… keeping Gotham safe. And we’re going to take as long as we need.”

Most Badass/Memorable Quotes:

1 – Bruce to Clark (after the final fight scene):
“In all the years to come, in your most private moments… I want you to remember the one man who beat you.”

2 – Bruce to Oliver and Robin (ending scene of the movie):
“I spent 10 years looking for a good death. This (looking across the new Sons of Batman headquarters) … this will be a good life.”

Final Verdict:

The final chapter of Bruce Wayne’s story was inexplicably amazing. Not even one dull or boring moment in the entire time span of the movie. Brilliant script, mind blowing animation and savagely action packed with jaw dropping moments. If you are a DC Universe fan, you’re in for a juicy treat.

Final Rating – 10 out of 10


2 thoughts on ““Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2” – A Potahto Review

  1. milie January 17, 2015 / 5:25 AM

    Brilliant article, you put my thoughts in words !!
    I don’t understand either why they made Selena Kyle so big… They got old but this is exaggerated and I don’t see how it fits her profile. 😦 The fault of the comics.

    Overall, it WAS better than The Dark Knight Rises. Don’t get me wrong, those movies were great but after The Dark Knight, the brilliant interpretation of Joker by Ledger and Eckhart as Dent it just…being a final opus to the trilogy, it lacked of something. In the Dark Knight Returns, Batman isn’t just a symbol of fear or inspiration, he directly leads the people of Gotham to act about it. They’re not just victims in this one… nor just pawns in the war of Batman vs. whatever villain.

    Although I can’t agree with you on the Tunnel of Love… I was literally ROFL when this popped up on the screen. We had to make an assignment on something we like in philosophy so that our teacher would help really destroy any illusion we had about our favourite book or movie and of course, being a huge fan of DC comics I did it on Batman and the Joker’s relation; how their means and goals are the same, etc. (In the end it only deepened my love for the story hehehe. “In yo face” philosophy teacher) So if this tunnel wasn’t thought of… it should have been ! Perfect spot to end their destructive relationship ! ^.^

    I see you wrote articles on a couple of Marvel/WB movies involving superheroes. If you ever find a copy of Superheroes and Philosophy : Truth, Justice and the Socratic Way, I highly recommend it. It’s fun to read and well explained, it includes years of research and love for comics. I think you would enjoy it :).

    lol… a pretty long comment so I’ll stop now and go read your other posts ! Thank you,


    Liked by 1 person

    • A.B Mood February 9, 2015 / 7:59 PM

      Holy Guacamole! I haven’t been here for so many months (i do feel ashamed of myself) but such a detailed comment from a fellow Comic lover was so refreshing 😀 Thanks so so much for your awesome feedback ^_^
      By the way thank you for your suggestion of “Superheroes and Philosophy”. I couldn’t find it online 😦 But I will go to the nearest bookstore and put in an order fo sho!!
      Thanks again fellow Potahto :3


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