“True Detective”… Life-Affirming and Hopeful ending to a Dark and Terrifying Show

I finished True Detective’s season finale ‘Form and Void’ just an hour ago, and since then I’m just lying on my Couch, pondering on one particular thought: “Did I just experience a TV show which is as good as Breaking Bad?” And my answer to that question is yes.

True Detective, from start to finish, has given us the finest hours of television in the past 8 weeks of its running. From the jaw-dropping acting, mind-boggling script, flawless direction, immaculate cinematography, beautiful locations to the harrowing set designs; everything was nothing short of perfect.

True Detective Poster

—This article is filled with spoilers, so if you haven’t seen this show yet, please refrain from reading onward—

I don’t know why but for some reason I am glad that this show has an anthology format. This way us fans get complete closure within a couple of episodes and get to move on to another newer story-line the next season. The perfect example of dragging on a redundant story-line season-after-season can be seen in The Walking Dead. Goddammit what happened to that show? Anyway, let’s not talk about disappointing things yet. As I said in the title, True Detective had the most life-affirming, beautiful and hopeful end that we could ever expect from such a dark and harrowing show.

A show about the rotting evil that exists within humans. A show about devil-worship and ritualistic murder and rape of women and children. The show’s tagline got it damn right: “Man is the cruelest animal.” He sure is. And the perfect depiction of evil was set forth by our “Main Villain”; our “Spaghetti Monster”; our “Man with the Scars”, Mr. Errol, The Lawnmower Man. I thought he was absolutely terrifying yet mesmerizing. Kudos to Mr. Glenn Fleshler for portraying such a horrific and psychopathic character. I literally got goosebumps every time you showed that frightening scarred face of yours. And what was up with the accents? And what had you done with your Dad? And that crazy old fat lady? And living in that horrifying, run down big old house with those creepy dolls and whatnot? Oh my GOD what kind of a psychopath were you?

And that still was nothing as compared to the terrifying journey through “Carcosa” (Hell. On. Earth) and the way Errol lures him in.

“Come on inside, little priest… You know what they did to me?… Hmm?… What I will do to all sons and daughters of man… You blessed Reggie… Dewall… Acolytes… Witnesses to my journey… Lovers, I am not ashamed… Come die with me, little priest.”

What. The. Fudge?

I had my heart ripped out of me when Errol stabbed Rust right in the gut and when he frikkin’ axed Marty in the chest. Thank God both of them survived that and saved the day. That scumbag Errol deserved a much more painful death than just a simple headshot, but meh, at least the world was rid of his disgusting existence.

Now, about the end of that episode… Well throughout the series Rust was a man who always believed that life after death is a cruel joke and there is just “nothingness” beyond this reality. So when Rust starts explaining his near-death experience, and the things he felt during the coma, his fading into the darkness, into the void, I was expecting him to be the same cynical, depressed man he was in the whole show; waiting for him to give some strange mind-baffling psychological theory about it. But what he said afterwards, I just simply could not stop my tears. What he said, was this:

“There was a moment, I know when I was under in the dark that something, whatever I’d been reduced to, you know not even consciousness, it was a vague awareness in the dark. And I could — I could feel my definitions fading. And beneath that… darkness, there was another kind. It was — it was deeper… warm, you know, like a substance. I could feel, man, and I knew, I knew my daughter waited for me there. So clear. I could feel her. I could feel a piece of my Pop too. It was like I was a part of everything that I ever loved and we were all, the three of us… just fading out. And all I had to do was let go. And I did. I said “Darkness, yeah, yeah!” and I disappeared. But I could still feel… her love there, even more than before. Nothing… There was nothing there but that love…….. [starts crying] ………. and then I woke up.”

When this scene finished I had a big goofy sad smile on my face with tears in my eyes and I wanted to hug my laptop screen because my heart soared with utter joy. Rust finally acknowledged the feeling of pure love that was buried deep inside of him, and he left his cynical self behind and accepted that there is not just NOTHING beyond this life. There is something; something us flawed humans can not understand, but it’s something very beautiful, warm, filled with light :’) And hey, Marty also got his family back :’) Could this show end on a better brighter note? Well that wasn’t all either.

Marty – seeing him break down and cry like that – asks Rust to tell him about the stories he used to make up about the stars in is childhood, and Rust says that while he was in that hospital room he looked at the sky from his window day and night and he realized that there is only one story, and that is “Light versus Dark”. Marty replies “Well, I know we ain’t in Alaska, but, appears to me that dark has a lot more territory.” At first Rust seems to agree, but soon after he changes his mind and says the final beautiful words of this amazing show.

“You know you’re looking at it wrong… the sky thing. Well, once there was only dark. If you ask me, the light’s winning.”


4 thoughts on ““True Detective”… Life-Affirming and Hopeful ending to a Dark and Terrifying Show

  1. thestripedplanner March 11, 2014 / 12:36 PM

    Thanks for following. I’ll admit I skipped part of this post because I haven’t watched the full True Detective season yet, although I did catch a few episodes. (which led to me googling Woody Harrelson’s net worth… aha, it comes full circle!) I’ve heard promising things so I didn’t want to ruin the end of the season for myself.

    & Hey, don’t hate on The Walking Dead. Must be doing something right with the TV ratings they keep bringing in! =)

    -Katie, http://www.thestripedplanner.blogspot.com


    • A.B Mood March 11, 2014 / 12:57 PM

      Oh yeah please don’t spoil the ending for yourself. It was just *woosshh* mind-blowing! And haha I’ve been a Walking Dead fan since 2010! But they’re just disappointing me this season especially after the mid-season break.. 😦 I hope they pick up the story soon enough 😦 And thanks so much again for visiting and following my blog ^_^


      • thestripedplanner March 11, 2014 / 1:01 PM

        You’re welcome! I immerse myself in media for school. You blog about media- it’s a natural fit!

        I felt the same way the last two episodes… This past Sunday picked back up a bit in my opinion. I have high hopes for the last few episodes.


      • A.B Mood March 11, 2014 / 1:29 PM

        Yeah this Sunday there was a bit improvement in pace. Who took Beth btw? :O And I love how Maggie and Glenn are desperately finding each other… It’s about time they all re-unite! *fingers crossed*


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